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                                        FAGOR 8055T CNC control

                                 To control high-production turning centers, vertical lathes and parallel lathes.



Easy to operate. It can be programmed in ISO code or in conversational mode making it the ideal CNC for large production lines and applications for unitary parts.

Ideal for large production lines and applications for unitary parts.

The 8055 CNC can govern up to 7 axes and 2 spindles. Block processing time of 1.5 ms may be obtained with it, it analyzes the tool path 75 blocks in advance (look ahead) and it allows smoothening the tool path by applying the right acceleration control (Jerk control).

The continuous evolution of the 8055 CNC family contributes to the productivity increase, improving the efficiency of the machines in sectors requiring a robust, versatile and easy-to-install CNC system.

This CNC is widely present in applications of large production lines as well as in applications for unitary parts in a shop because the operator can use at any time either the ISO programming system or the Fagor conversational programming system.

Fagor CNC's are user friendly and permit editing a program while executing another one. They have a profile editor with graphic support to draw contours by entering known measurements off the blue-print

Controlling position, velocity, accelerations and collisions prevents undesired machining and help achieve unmatched part-finish and maximum performance of the machine.

Tool inspection makes the operator's job easier allowing him, after interrupting the program, to check the tool status, replace it if necessary and resume the program after repositioning the axes.

Editing and Simulation
The capability of editing part-programs while executing another program reduces waiting time between parts. Likewise, simulating the program graphically before machining the part permits verifying each operation and correct the data entered.

Home search
After turning the machine on, there is no need to move the axes to the reference point (home). Using Fagor distance-coded feedback systems, the CNC assumes the new position by simply moving the axes 50 mm; with Fagor absolute feedback systems, there is no need to move the axes.

Possibility of production estimate
The simulation permits checking programs by graphically showing its execution. It also makes an estimate of the total execution time and of the machining time for each tool.

Intelligent Profile Editor
Blueprints not always show the coordinates of the starting and end points of each section. Sometimes it suffices to just indicate the inclination angle of a section and other times, it is enough to indicate that it is tangent to the previous section.

With the Intelligent Profile Editor no calculations are required, just enter the known data into the CNC. When there are more than one solution, all possible solutions are shown graphically so the operator can select the right one.

Improved Production Process
The Ethernet connection helps improve the production process by transmitting part-programs, previously created in the Programming Office, to the CNC for their execution.

It is also possible to monitor the machining time for statistical calculation, dead time, usage of each tool, etc.

Telediagnosis and telemaintenance
It makes the technician's job easier since from his work table and at his own PC he can remotely manipulate and observe the status of the machine (CNC-drives-motors).

It means significant savings in travel expenses and, technical assistance labor because it reduces machine downtime by getting help and error diagnosis immediately.

Extremely easy to operate in jog mode
The screen offers the operator all the necessary information (axis position and feedrate, spindle speed, selected tool, etc.).

It is possible to preset the coordinates of the axes, modify the machining conditions, select a new tool as well as start and stop the spindle, etc.

The axes may be jogged with the jog keys and with handwheels.

Changing the machining operation
With the 8055 CNC, it is very easy to change the machining on production lathes by simply transferring to the new CNC the new part-program, the offset tables for the new fixtures and automatically calibrate the new tools before machining.

Tool calibration and measuring cycles. They are simple and intuitive operations that make the operator's job easier using help graphics. The tool calibration cycle helps the operator calibrate the tool easily both manually and automatically.

By using probes placed in the tool holder, the part measuring cycles help measure parts or compensate for tool wear easily and automatically.

Automatic tool calibration (cycles integrated into the part-program) provides better machining time by eliminating idle time and manual calibration.

Thread cutting operations
All kinds of threading are possible besides the typical turning operations (turning, grooving, facing, etc.). Standard, longitudinal, taper, on the face, with variable pitch, etc. Multiple-entry (multi-start) threads can also be defined.

The thread repair function offered by the 8055 CNC is ideal for repairing worn out threads.

8055 T CNC, conversational model for Lathes and Turning Centers
Thanks to their versatility and capability, Fagor conversational CNC's offer the highest features and are incredibly user friendly. They minimize setup time. Any operator without previous programming knowledge will be able to efficiently attend to any possible need by simply entering the machining conditions and the geometrical data shown on the blueprint.

The automatic operations already implemented represent the main distinguishing feature of the conversational models. They have been designed to better adapt to the usual shop working methods. They correspond to each operation of the part machining process. 

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