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CPT™  Constant Pressure Technology by PMT 

PMT Pumpe

Objectives of the development of the HP-Series were to achieve higher cutting speeds and at the same time, less wear and better cut quality. 

To ensure this, high pressure pumps from PMT were developed to work pulsation free.

Pumps from other manufacturers have high pressure fluctuations caused by their construction.These pressure fluctuations wear all high pressure components disproportionately fast with increasing pressure.



Increased productivity through:

Higher cutting speeds

Due to the high-pressure pulsation process much more energy is available in the beam.
Thus significantly higher cutting speeds can be achieved compared to the competition.

  • More parts in the same time
  • Less abrasive sand
  • Less water consumption
  • Less energy consumption


At least 100% longer spare parts life

The wear of high-pressure components such as pipescutting nozzles and focusing tubes, etc. is directlyrelated to the pressure fluctuations (pulsation).
Since PMT pumps do not generate pressure fluctuations PMT guarantees at least 100% longer service lifeat the same pressure.

  • Less wear parts costs
  • Higher machine availability


Improved cutting edge quality with higher cutting speed

Due to the pulsation conventional pumps create no steady beam.
PMT pumps create a steady stream due to pulsation freenessso that the cutting edge corresponds 
 a higher quality at a comparatively higher speed.

  • Increased speed for the same quality level
  • Higher quality at the same speed level


Cutting Charts:



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