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Waterjet Cutting

The working principle of high pressure pumps for waterjet cutting is based on the so called pressure intensification. The oil pressure generated in the hydraulic drive is increased to an operating pressure up to 420 MPa, in accordance with the surface ratio of the low pressure piston on the oil side to high pressure plunger on the water side.

Pumps of series ECOTRON® and HYTRON® are available. Depending on pump type the operating pressure is continuously adjustable up to 420 MPa. Flow rates of 0.8 up to 7,6 l/min are provided, with power ratings from 7.5 to 75 kW.

For pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting all required tubings and fittings as well as waterjet valves, abrasive heads and abrasive dosing systems are available.  


ECOTRON® High Pressure Pumps

ECOTRON® series is a modular pump design and allows to adapt the high pressure pump system to individual customer needs. An extensive range of options is available.

The basis of the ECOTRON® series is a high pressure pump with hydraulic drive, pressure intensifier, accumulator, pre-pressure filter unit and high pressure bleed down valve which are mounted together on a base frame.
ECOTRON® high pressure pumps are available with flow rates of 0.8 l/min at 300 MPa, 1.2 l/min at 350 MPa as well as 1.9 / 3.4 / 3.8 and 4.3 l/min at 400 MPa.
The pumps are built according to machinery standard 98/37/EG and pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC. Depending on the type of used components there is a declaration of manufacturer or a declaration of conformity with CE mark in the documentation. BHDT is certified according to ISO9001:2000 and has also an approval for manufacturing high pressure equipment up to the highest category H, H1.


The basis of ECOTRON® high pressure pumps consists of hydraulic drive with oil/water cooler. The pressure adjustment is done manually via hydraulic pressure control.

A 5 and 1,2 µm pre-pressure filter unit and a high pressure bleed down valve are installed as a standard.

The electric control includes all functions which are required for safe and efficient operation of the high pressure pump. A user-friendly operating panel with keypad is installed. All monitoring and service functions are displayed in plain text. The control cabinet is mounted on the right side of the base frame.

Following options are available
Pressure adjustment - optional available is a dual pressure adjustment, where piercing and cutting pressure is manually adjustable. Further an electronic pressure adjustment via proportional valve is available. In this connection the pump pressure is adjustable via an external signal with 0 - 10 V which is equal to a pressure from 50 to 400 MPa.

Oil/air cooler - as alternative for the standard oil/water cooler an oil/air cooler is available. Booster pump - if the intake pressure of water supply is under 0.3 MPa, an booster pump is needed to increase the feed water pressure.

Sound isolated housing - if the high pressure pump is free accessible and not installed in an separate pump room, for sound protection and safety reasons a sound isolating housing has to be mounted. 



High pressure pumps of HYTRON® series are particularly suited for waterjet applications, designed as a turn-key. All components required for an efficient operation of the high pressure pump are fully integrated into a sound insulated housing.


The high pressure pump comes with an operating panel with LCD-touch screen. All warning and monitoring functions are shown in plain text. The pressure set value is continuously adjustable from 50 to 400 MPa.

Available are pumps with flow rates of 1.2 at 350 MPa and 1.9 / 3.4 / 3.8 / 4.3 / 6.0 / 7.6 l/min at 400 MPa and corresponding power rates from 11 to 75 kW.

HYTRON® high pressure pumps are built according to machinery standard 98/37/EG and pressure equipment directive 97/23/EG. The declaration of conformity is a part of the documentation. All high pressure pumps of this series are marked with CE.

System Diagram of Series HYTRON®


Highly dynamic controls, long life expectancy
The hydraulic units used are characterized by highly dynamic controls. Use of a soft-switching hydraulic valve with specially designed control geometry guarantees extremely short switch-over times.
The hydraulic oil is cooled by either an oil/air or oil/water heat 90exchanger. Oil filtering and cooling take place in a separate and constant oil circuit, driven by an integrated gear pump. The excellent oil quality this achieves has a positive influence on operational safety and the life expectancy of the whole hydraulic system.
Simple replacement of wearing 
Thanks to the special flange design and externally accessible check valves, the intensifier is easy to maintain. Wearing parts like seals and check valves can be replaced quickly and easily.
The high pressure components in the intensifier are characterized by a long life expectancy. Besides the special stainless steels
developped specifically for this application, a large plunger diameter and a long stroke both help to achieve this.



Targeted reduction of pressure fluctuations.
Depending on the flow rate, the integrated accumulator has a large storage volume of up to 2.49 liters. This reduces pressure fluctuations to a minimum and thus prevents wear on the high
pressure system. For larger flow rates, the pump is fitted with two intensifiers. Strokes are electronically controlled, which in turn helps to prevent pressure fluctuation.

Safety and operation
The fitted pre-filtering unit with 5 µm and 1,2 µm filters guarantees optimum feed water supply.
A bleed down valve is fitted to the pump‘s high pressure line. The valve is pneumatically controlled and actuated via the stop button or the emergency stop circuit. It can also be controlled externally; this means you can set the pressure as needed, e.g. for the piercing process with abrasive waterjet.
The pump is touch screen controlled. The operating pressure is continuously adjustable between 50 and 400 MPa. All warnings and monitoring functions are displayed in clear text. Operating data are logged and can be accessed via the display.

As option are available:
If the feed water supply pressure is less than 0.3 MPa, an optional booster pump is available to increase the water pre-pressure.

Stand-by Intensifier – for increasing of redundance there are the posibility to instal a second intensifier. The switch-over time from one to the other intensifier is less then a minute and will be take place manually.

In addition there are more detailed solutions for temperature and leakage monitoring as well as for pump synchronisation (master/slave), Profibus-DP and remote maintenance via modem available. 


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