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High quality KTR-couplings in Alpha-Center series



In all machines in the new Alpha-Center series are high-quality ROTEX ® GS KTR couplings for use.


Product characteristics

  •  With integrated clamping system
  • Use in positioning axes and main spindle drives
  • Press cylinder drives etc.
  • High quiet running, use up to a peripheral speed of 40 m/s
  • High torques of frictional engagement
  • Easy assembly due to clamping screws inside


Coupling description

ROTEX® GS is a 3-part, axial plug-in coupling backlash-free under pre-stress. It is convincing even with critical applications by its backlash-free power transmission, its stiffness which is each adapted to the application and its optimum damping of vibrations. This principle of installation offers significant assembly possibilities which optimize the assembly times in production.


Further information here.

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