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Horizontal boring mill

HBW 110 • 130

The machine is equipped with a digital 3-axis readout

  • Solid construction with hardened and ground guideways for long-lasting precision results
  • Mechanical interlocking of functions for safety
  • Slip clutches protect the headstock, and the feed gear from damage caused by overload
  • Standard tapping unit ensures quick and convenient work
  • Individual selection of spindle speed and facing head allows always suitable speeds even for difficult applications
  • High flexibility due to full table rotation through 360°
  • Effective protection of the bed guidways through telescopic steel covers

Standard configuration:

2-axis digital readout (DRO)
Combi tool arbor
Boring bar BT 50 Ø 50 mm
Boring bar BT 50 Ø 75 mm
Adjustable stops
Anchor bolts
Telescopic covers of the worktable
Technical specificationsHBW 110HBW 130
Spindle diameter
Ø110 mmØ130 mm
Table dimensions
1100x960 mm1800x1600 mm
Max. table load
5000 kg10000 kg
Max. force acting on spindle
12250 N31360 N
Table travel:
x-axis900 mm2000 mm
z-axis1400 mm2000 mm
Distance spindle center-table
0–900 mm0–1800 mm
Vertical head travel
900 mm1800 mm

Feeds: quill, drilling head and 

table with the spindle running:

Range  I(18) 0.04–6 mm/rev  8–400 rpm
Range II(18) 0.01–1.53 mm/rev  500–1000 rpm

Feeds: facing head, drilling head 
and table/faceplate rotation

Range I(18) 0.08 – 12 mm/rev
Quill travel
600 mm900 mm
Facing head travel
180 mm250 mm
Table rapid feed
2.5 m/min
Spindle taper
ISO / SK50 (DIN 69871)
Spindle speed
(22) 8–1000 rpm(24) 8–800 rpm
Face plate speed
(18) 4–200 rpm(18) 2.5–125 rpm
Max. spindle torque
1225 Nm2950 Nm
Max. facing head torque
1960 Nm4900 Nm
Rotary table rotation speed
1 rpm1.2 rpm
Boring accuracy
H7 Ra– 1.6
Main motor
7.5 kW18 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4910x2454x2750 mm7030x4665x3800 mm
11500 kg29300 kg

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