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CatalogDrillingDrill/MillsDMF 32/800
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Drilling and milling machine

DMF 32/800

The machine is equipped as standard with a digital 3-axis position indicator.

  • Travel of drilling and milling head in Z-axis is motor-driven
  • Integrated tapping attachment with automatic reversal upon reaching preset depth
  • Machining depth adjustable via depth stop
  • Quill travel display unit
  • Head tilting ±45°
  • Manual quill micro-feed
  • Spindle reverse gear
  • Available with an automatic table feed

Standard configuration:

Digital readout (DRO).
Quill travel display.
Tapping attachment(pre-installed).
Reduction sleeve MT 3/MT 4.
Reduction sleeve MT 3/MT 2.
Drill chuck 16.
Drill chuck adapter sleeve MT4/16.
Machine pedestal.
Auxiliary service tools.
Operation manual.
Technical specifications DMF 32/800
Drilling capacityØ32 mm
Max. mill cutter diameterØ28 mm
Table dimensions800x240 mm
Axis travel:X560 mm
Y240 mm
Z320 mm
Projection260 mm
Spindle speed(12) 75–3200 rpm
Spindle taperMT 3
Quill travel120 mm
Quill diameterØ75 mm
Head rotation angle±45°
Guideway width190 mm
Motor power1.1 kW, 380 V 50 Hz
Weight380 kg
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