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CatalogR-Grind 25xxx
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Cylindrical grinder

R-Grind 25xxx

– It is intended for grinding large-capacity workpieces: car axles, printing rolls, etc.

– Large and heavy machine bed with reinforcement ribs ensuring structural rigidity and long-lasting machine accuracy.

– Long bed ways covered with protective housings preventing dirt entry.

– Grinding spindle overload protection.

– Automatic spindle lubrication system.

– Longitudinal table movement via hydraulic drive (smooth stops at left and right end points).

– Infinitely variable longitudinal feed speed adjustment.

– Rapid grindwheel approach/retraction.

– Air pressure bearings of spindlestock and tailstock.

Standard configuration:

Dressing fixture
Grindwheel flange
Grindwheel balancing arbor
Grindwheel flange removal tool
Carbide center MT 5
Mounting screws and machine feet
Work area protection
Diamond dresser
Swiveling spindlestock with drive unit
Tailstock with lever actuation
Lubrication system
Auxiliary service tools
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Grindwheel balancing stand
2-point steady rest Ø80–152
3-jaw self-centering chuck with mounting ring Ø225 mm
Independent 4-jaw chuck Ø300 mm
Magnetic coolant filter 80l
Grindwheel radius dressing attachment
Taper-type grind wheel dressing attachment
Grindwheel flange Ø200 mm
Grindwheel flange Ø300 mm
Paper filter 80 l
Digital readout (DRO)
Technical specifications R-Grind
25200 25250 25300 25400
 Grinding capacityØ500 mm
 Distance between centers2000 mm
2500 mm
3000 mm
4000 mm
 Max. workpiece weight1000–1500 kg
 Wheelhead dimensions660x63.5x203 mm
                Wheel head    
 Grindwheel speed1100 rpm
 Wheelhead rapid approach  60 mm
 Wheelhead travel (total)  290 mm
 Transverse feed1 mm/rev
 Transverse feed increment0.0025 mm
               Spindle head    
Spindlestock swivel angle 0–90°
 Spindle head speed   10–100 rpm
 Headstock taper  MT 5
 Tailstock taper MT 5   
 Quill travel55 mm 
 Longitudinal feed rate30–2000 mm/min
 Table slant6°   
 Longitudinal feed4.5 mm/rev
 Grindwheel drive motor11.25 kW
 Spindle head motor2.25 kW
 Hydraulic pump motor   2.25 kW
 Lubrication system0.2 kW
 Coolant pump motor0.2 kW
 Weight,kg7500 8000
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