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CatalogPBH 50
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PBH 50

Machine for circular bending of metal pro

– Electrically driven bending roll rotation.

– Hydraulic driven adjustment of the top roll.

– Digital display of the top roll position.

– Machine can operate either horizontally or vertically.

– Bending rolls are hardened.

Semi-automatic control NC EasyView:

– In the record mode, all actions performed by the machine operator when bending a part are recorded and can be then automatically called and reproduced an unlimited number of times.

– All data recorded that way can be then edited in order to obtain the required bending results.

– Each program has a certain quantity of steps as well as its number or name, that can be arbitrarily changed as well.

– Storage capacity is 48 programs, each upto 1000 steps.

– The system automatically keeps statistic records on number of parts and warning/alarm messages.

Standard configuration:

Standard bending rolls.
Movable control panel.
Auxiliary service tool set.
Guide rolls
Brake motor
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Special design bending rolls (on request).
Lateral rolls.
Digital readout system
Technical specificationsPBH 50PBH 60
Shaft diameterØ50 mm (2”)Ø60 mm (2.4”)
Upper roll diameterØ152 mm (6”)Ø215 mm (8.4”)
Diameter of lateral rollsØ162 mm (6.3”)Ø215 mm (8.4”)
Motor power1.1 kW (1.5Hp)1.5 kW (2Hp)
Bending speed4.5 m/min (178”/min)4 m/min (157”/min)
Dimensions810x950x1500 mm
830x1140x1650 mm
Weight510 kg (1100lbs)950 kg (38lbs)
Item-No. PBH NC EasyView93220019322002
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