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Abrasive water jet cutting machine


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 Watersonic- modern waterjet cutting systems for flexiblesingle-part and series production

This separation process is an extremely efficient alternativeto milling and EDM processing. The method enables material and time-saving nesting of several operations with better cutting performance. Very complex shapes can be manufactured with high precision and clean cut edges without material or surfaces being deformed. Whether single or series production, this cold cutting process guarantees a low cost production with maximum precision and minimum tolerances. Cold cutting is especially important for the increasing need for production of miniaturized components. Using precision, micro waterjet technology intricate work pieces can be cut in many materials with a positioning accuracy of 0.0025 mm and within the tolerance range of + / - 0.01 mm.

Watersonic - The waterjet cutting system

  • Welded, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with gantry
  • Guideways and drive systems are reliably protected against water and abrasive dust
  • Brushless servo motors
  • Stainless steel tank with adjustable water level
  • Segmented cutting supports
  • Full High-Pressure piping up to 12 meters between the high pressure pump and cutting table
  • Protection of the work area by light barriers according to the EU-Directive

A wide range of materials can beprocessed

  • Steel / stainless steel, alloyed and non alloyed, heat resistant alloys, titanium, aluminum, copper, bronze
  • All kinds of stone: granite, marble, ceramic, concrete
  • Glass, acrylic, bullet proof glass, security glass and plexiglass
  • Art and foams
  • Carbon, carbon fiber and glass fiber
  • Gaskets, rubber, fabric, leather
  • Wood, cardboard, etc.

Advantages of the abrasive water jet Cutting Technology:

  • Environmentally friendly technology, no toxic cutting gases
  • “Cold Cut” - no work hardening and microstructural changes
  • No mechanical loading / torsion on the workpiece
  • Cutting complex contours possible
  • High-precision machining for excellent cutting results
  • Quick setup of the workpiece
  • Low noise levels
  • Optimal use of the material
  • Flexible and economical production of individual parts and series

Standard configuration:

XY Num Axium CNC control to 20 m/min (optional 40m/min)
CNC-controlled Z-axis
Pneumatic quick-up, height control and collision avoidance
Control cabinet (Rittal)
Control PC with 19'' TFT and mounting plate, complete
Cutting software EasyCut4
HP pump Ecotron ® 40.37 (Max Flow 3.8 l at 37 kW)
Overpressure valve BDV
ELM control cabinet
Filtration system with dual filter FLP
Infinitely variable pressure on proportional valve
Cutting head (water valve)
Abrasive head
CNC-controlled abrasive dosing head with abrasive intermediate tank
Abrasive reservoir 250 kg
Abrasive pressure tank
Water Pre compression pump
Double barrier
HD piping between the pump and cutting head
Spare Parts Kit for the HP pump
Mounting tool
Technical documentation
HP pump series Ecotron ® is modular to customize your needs
The standard version includes Sonic Water Ecotron ® 40.37
The standard version includes Water Sonic ЕСО Ecotron ® 40.19

Optional configuration:

Waste water treatment
Removal system
PC cabinet air conditioner
Electronic handwheel
Data exchange
Several software options: Sign Maker, organizer, disk manager, import writings and bitmaps
3D cutting robot
3D cutting head I head + software
Maintenance tools and spare parts kit
Laser pointer
Pneumatic drilling
Rotation axis for pipe / profile processing
Manual rotation up to 46 ° of the cutting head
HP pumps, BHDT or KMT, various sizes on request
Technical specificationsWatersonic 1020Watersonic 3020Watersonic 4020Watersonic 6020

Travel Area

X-axis1002 mm 3002 mm 4002 mm 6002 mm 
Y-axis 2002 mm
Z-axis200 mm 
Max. table load600 kg/m2
Positioning accuracy+/- 0.1 mm 
Repeatability+/- 0.5 mm 
Rapid feed20 m/min 
Electric connection3x 400 V, 16A 
Weight (without water)700 kg1000 kg1200 kg1400 kg
Technical Specification BHDT Ecotron® 40.19BHDT Ecotron® 40.37BHDT Hytron® 40.37KMT SL-V 50 Classic
Max. operation pressurebar4000  4000 40004000
Max. permanent cutting pressurebar3800 
3800 3800 
Max. flow ratel/min1.9 3.83.8 
Gear ratio 1:21,78
Oil tank capacity
Ait supply
Main motor power
Electric connection
460 V/60 Hz460 V/60 Hz
460 V/60 Hz
460 V/60 Hz
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