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Waterjet Cutting Machine

Watersonic ECO

Sensationally attractive machine price!
Bring your outsourced cutting orders back into your own business.
Be flexible and independent in your schedule planning.

Watersonic is state-of-the-art waterjet cutting.

  • Our Waterjet is ideal for short-run production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling, and prototype part development. It requires no tool changes or complex fixturing, so you can reduce setup times by at least 50%
  • The high edge quality often eliminates the need for secondary machining but when required, the lack of heat affected zone speeds processing. As a result, waterjet cutting system can dramatically increase your profitability
  • A solid and rust-free construction of aluminium and stainless-steel, coupled with first-class components, ensures long-lasting low maintenance production
  • Virtually any material can be cut with this high pressure 4000 bar (58,000 psi) waterjet technology

Advantages of waterjet cutting

  • Eco-friendly cutting, no toxic gases or vapours
  • "Cold" cut - no heat affected zone
  • No mechanical stresses or distortions
  • High cutting quality and precision
  • Ideal for complicated contours
  • Rapid set-up, no tool changes are required
  • No burrs
  • Efficient use of material
  • Flexible and economic production of components and prototypes

Standard configuration:

PA-8000 CNC LW control
17 "TFT monitor and mounting plate, complete
Control cabinet ECO (Rittal)
Import DXF files and materials database
Manual height adjustment of the Z-axis
Software PA with nesting
ВHDT Ecotron ® pump 40.19
Overpressure valve BDV
Double filter unit VLP
Oil / air cooler
Cutting head (water valve)
Abrasive head
Manually adjustable abrasive amount
Abrasive reservoir 250 kg
HD piping between the pump and cutting head
Spare Parts Kit for the HP pump
Silicone grease and aluminum paste
Mounting tool
Technical documentation
Technical Specifications:   Watersonic ECO
mm 100220022502 3002 
Y-axis (bridge)
Max. table load
Positioning accuracy

± 0.2

Repeatabilitymm± 0.15
Rapid feedm/min10
Electric connection
 400 V, 16 A
HD pump
ECOTRON® 40.19
Max.operation pressurebar4000
Max. permanent cutting pressurebar3800
Max. high pressure waterl/min1.9
Main pump powerkW18.5

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