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Laser cutting


Modern laser cutting system with many available features and options

Travel lenght and options on request!
Available with CO²- or fibre laser from Rofin Sinar.

The SMART 3015 is a three axis Cutting Centre primarily intended for contour cutting. A laser beam is directed towards a focusing head that moves horizontally along a gantry on the X axis. The focusing head of the beam moves vertically on a platform along the Z axis. The X axis gantry moves horizontally the Y axis. The BA cutting centre uses rack & pinion to move the gantry. These are synchronized through the use of an electronic device. All axes are ball screw driven. The table carrying the parts is fixed. All the movements along the 3 axes are numerically controlled.

Machine structure:
The primary structures of the SMART 3015 Cutting Centre are made of thermally stabilized welded material. The various components that make up the structures of the machine are assembled with a degree of precision compatible with the desired mechanical characteristics.

Motion Guides:
Precision ground, hardened steel ways having a rectangular section are used to support all the axes. The ways are protected from impacts and contamination by using metal shields or bellows. The motion guides can be placed in a slightly pressurized enclosure to protect them against certain aggressive environments.

Axis drive:
All the axes include rack & pinion and are driven by Siemens AC servo drives and motors. The drive motors are installed so that mechanical play is eliminated when changing the direction of movement along the axis.The electrical energy delivered to the motors is controlled by transistorized variable speed devices. (PWM).

Optical Path: 
The optical path is that path that is travelled by the laser beam between its point of entry into the frame of the Cutting Centre and the point where it leaves a nozzle placed after the focusing lens. 

The beam enters from one side of the movable gantry. It then reaches a totally reflecting mirror angled 45° with respect to the surface of the object carrying platform. The mirror is installed in a three dimensional adjustable device which sets the vertical direction of the beam on the focusing lens placed at the base of an optical guide. 
The focusing lens is placed in a work head. The nozzle from which the beam emanates is located at the bottom of the work head.
Once the laser beam enters the work centre it encounters 3 optics (2 mirrors and 1 lens).

The inside space separating the focusing lens from the tip of the nozzle is protected by a pressurized assist gas that flows from the nozzle.
The work head is installed on an automatic profile tracking device which ensures a consistent focal distance (between the lens and the surface of the machined material). The entire optical path can be pressurized to prevent the entry of gases that would contaminate the mechanical and optical components.  Depending on the power of the laser, it is possible to cool the optical components placed along the path of the beam to protect them against any excessive heating. The machine is supplied with total reflection mirrors and a focusing lens.

The exhaust of possible smoke or light residues as a result of machining is provided for through specific ducts whose pickup point is placed at the bottom of the object carrying platform.  The link between the suction duct and the air exhauster (available as an option) is provided for.

Standard configuration:

Rofin Sinar laser source
High reliability Siemens 840 D CNC Control.
Rugged machine tool design
Automatic advanced assist gas control
Built-in advanced drill cycles and materials processing database
Two mirrors beam delivery system ensures stable operation over full size of the cutting bed.
Laser Power Control
Rack & pinion driven
HP-cutting head Precitec Typ HP 1.5“ with capacitive pickup height control
“Angle Jet” lense coolant system
Access to the work area, while maintaining full compliance with the CE safety standards.
Fully enclosed and pressurized beam path that minimizes absorption of the laser beam by environmental CO2.
High accuracy profiling at high speeds, even with tight radii.
Segmented fume extraction on the complete table area.
Class 1 Protection
Scrap Removal System by push drawer.
Precitec head has, in addition to the focusing lens, a capacitive pickup
Manual table-change system for loading and unloading

Optional configuration:

Various power ROFIN SINAR resonators DC 1500 W - 5000 W.
Various power PRC resonators STS 2500 W -STS 5000 W.
SIN DNC network card.
Air drying filter.
Remote diagnostic Siemens S7.
Graphics and 2D 2-axis laser cutting application software Licom AlphaCam (for Windows).
LPM system: Laser Poercing Monitor with plasma monitoring.
Sheet material orientation system.
Hydraulic pallet changer, light barrier, support pins of stainless steel.
Fume extraction and filtering system.
Technical specificationsSmart
Travel:X3000 mm (117”)
Y1500 mm (58”)
Z100 mm (3.9”)
Max. positioning speed60 m/min (2,340”/min)
Max. feed rate20 m/min (780”/min)
positioning accuracy+/- 0.05 per 500mm (0.002” per 20”)
Repeatability+/- 0.025 mm (0.001”)
Positioning accuracy at change of direction+/- 0.015 mm (0.00006”)
LaserROFIN SINAR DC 010 CO2 Laser 1.0 kW
Beam power1.0 kW
Voltage3 x 400 V, 50 Hz (440V, 3ph, 60 Hz)
Grounding5 Ohm or less
Air pressure6 bar (85 psi)
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