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Laser cutting


To effectively cut tubes and profiles up to Ø110 mm

  • Machine frame is a compact, stress-relieved weldment
  • The system is designed specifically for 3 or 4 axis laser tube processing. The system allows pipes up to 110mm, square profiles to 80x80mm, with a max length of 7000 mm (optional up to 13000 mm). Automatic loading, positioning and cutting
  • Machining of tube profiles of different cross-sections (round, square, rectangular, oval, etc.)
  • Processing of tubes with a wall thickness of 1 to 5 mm and a diameter range of 20 to 110 mm 
  • Max tube diameter - 600 mm 
  • The machine axes are driven by Siemens servo motors and preloaded ball screws. The drive of the tube linear transport is a rack and pinion with helical teeth
  • 5 lifting areas with lifting belt
  • Pneumatic tube lifter
  • Tube loading magazine

150-fold your savings of CO2 slab laser with the conventional laser technology!

  • CO2 Slab laser makes conventional gas circulation systems, such as Roots pumps and turbines, superfluous. The built-in laser head premix gas bottle is enough for about 12-18 months of continuous use. Consumption only 0.2l / h instead of the previous 30 l / h
  • Energy savings due to no blowers

This type of laser is characterized by the following special features:

  • Very compact and low maintenance design
  • High beam quality, excellent composition
  • No heat exchanger for gas and turbine cooling, the pump starts only once in 72 hours.
  • Low optical losses
  • Low maintenance: no moving parts, copper mirrors without special coating, the diamond window is the only transmissive element
  • No external gas cylinders
  • Extremely low laser gas consumption (0.1 l / hour, replace the internal gas cylinder only 1x per year)
  • Very high beam quality and cutting speeds that are well above (by 10-15%) the achievable cutting speeds of a conventional laser
  • The operating and maintenance costs of this system are significantly lower than that of a conventional CO2 laser
  • The entire beam guide path is filled with air barrier for protection against the penetration of dirt particles and impurities. To prevent overheating, the transmissive optics actively cool
  • One mirror system for beam guidance and redirectionThe laser beam passes through only 2 optics (1 mirror and 1 Lens)
  • All systems are delivered with a cutting head and removable 5 "and 7.5" lens cassettes that do not require cutting head calibration after replacement
  • Extraction of fumes and vapors that arise during the processing takes place via special suction channels - a vacuum suction and filtration system is   included.
  • The system is equipped with a fixed bezel for machining long pipes with a maximum Diameter of 110 mm
  • Welding applications possible by using a special laser head
  • The basic equipment includes an automatic loading deviceOptionally, the system can be upgraded with a discharge and precast sorter


Standard configuration:

CNC Siemens 840 D (RAM 3 MB RAM, 2GB Hard Drive)
Rofin Sinar resonator DC 015 (1500 W)
Extremely modern gas supply system - gas mixture and pressure control in the range of 0 to 22 bar
CNC-controlled laser head
1.5'' laser cutting head Precitec with 5'' or 7.5'' lens
Capacitive height Sensing of Precitec in Z axis
4-jaw turntable
Steady rest
LED laser pointer for easy machine and workpiece positioning
Bundle system for pipes (L = 7000 mm)
Very modern lens cooling system
Torit system DFPRO - flue gas filtration and extraction system
Graphically supported software
Protective covers for laser class 1

Optional configuration:

ROFIN SINAR DC 020 Resonator (200–2000 W)
ROFIN SINAR DC 025 Resonator (250–2500 W)
ROFIN SINAR DC 030 Resonator (300–3000 W)
ROFIN SINAR DC 035 Resonator (300–3500 W)
Network Card
Siemens S7 remote diagnostic function
RS-232 - port
Compressed air filters
Unloading system for pipes and profiles up to L = 3000 mm
NC controlled tube catchers
Pneumatically controlled tube catchers (L = 1m)
Longer loading and unloading equipment
Technical SpecificationsTubemaster 110 DC015
Axis travel:X7000 mm (optional: 13000 mm)
Y350 mm 
Z120 mm
Max. positioning speedX120 m/min
Y 60 m/min
Z60 m/min
A1, A20-120 rpm
Working height
±1000 mm
Max. load capacity
30 kg/m 
Workpiece length
3500-7000 mm (optional: 13000 mm) 
Range of dimensions, round pipes
20-110 mm 
Range of dimensions, square tubes20x20 - 80x80 mm 
Range of dimensions, retangular and oval tubes
20x30 - 50x100 mm 
Positioning accuracy in X, Z axes
± 0.01 mm
Positioning accuracy in Y-axis
± 0.05 mm 
± 0.025 mm
LaserROFIN SINAR DC 015 CO2 Laser 1.5
Power consumption
29 kW
Beam power
1.5 kW
3x400V (±10%), 50 Hz (460V, 3pH, 60 Hz)
5 Ohm or lower
Air pressure
6 bar 
Total power consumption
65 kW 
Weight12500 kg 
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