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Laser cutting


Traversing speed 150 m/min! High cutting accuracy and smooth contours combined with modern linear motors

Our engineers are ready to configure a laser cutting machine (CO2 and fiber lasers)
Additional information on request

  • Modular construction with small, highly functional footprint
  • Cutting of various metallic materials such as steel alloys, carbon steels, titanium and bronze
  • Integrated laser power control
  • CO ² slab laser technology combines reduced gas consumptation with low maintenance
  • Beam guidance via two mirrors provides stable cutting operation over the entire operating range
  • High traveling speed -150 m / min
  • Оptional: RTX - pipe cutting device. This can be placed lateral to the workstation. This allows cutting tubes and profiles in the diameter range from 20 to 250 mmMachining length: Ø20-105 mm - 6 m, Ø105 -250 mm - 3 m
  • High-performance Siemens 840D CNC control
  • Non-contact cutting head Precitec HP 1.5 "
  • Easy accessibility to the work area of the system for maintenance
  • Progressive lens cooling system
  • Complete protection from scattered radiation by sealed beam guide ways
  • High machining precision and traversing the cutting of any 2-D contours
  • Hydraulic pallet clamping fixtures
  • Partial CNC extraction of fumes
  • Possible integration of welding work
  • Optional pallet-shuttle system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lower service costs

Standard configuration:

Siemens 840 D CNC control (3 MB RAM, 2GB hard disk)
Rofin Sinar or PRC resonator (1000-5000 W)
Telescopic laser optics
Advanced gas supply system - gas mixture and pressure control in the range of 0 to 22 bar
CNC-controlled laser head
Laser cutting head Precitec 1.5'' with 5'' and 7.5'' lenses
Capacitive height sensing of Precitec in Z axis
State of the art lens cooling system
Chip conveyor for slag and residues
LED laser pointer for easy machine and workpiece positioning
Linear drives from Siemens
Torit system DFPRO - smoke gas filtration and extraction system
Hydraulic pallet changer (capacity 900 kg, photocell)
Protective covers for laser class 1

Optional configuration:

Rofin Sinar resonators of different power - DC 015 (1500 W) DC-050 (5000 W) or FL 010 (1000 W) - FL 040 (4000 W)
PRC resonators of different power - STS 2500 (2500 W)- STS 5000 (5000 W)
Ethernet network card
Siemens S7 remote diagnosis
Lantek CAD / CAM software for 2D 3-axis laser cutting
LPM system - Piercing sensor to control injection with plasma sensor for monitoring the plasma development
Retry-Retrace function (Reset the cutting head after the break)
Parts Counter and Program Quick Start function
Sheet position detection system
Air drying filter
Indexing pallet system
Additional loading / unloading facilities (on request)
Changed traverse in X-and Y-axis and custom table designs (on request)
RTX - pipe cutting device
Technical Specifications Speedmaster

           2512                  3015                       3020                    4020         
Axis travel:
X1250 mm1500 mm2000 mm 2000 mm
Y2500 mm3000 mm3000 mm4000 mm
Z80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm
Aendless - (optional axis of rotation 360°)
Max. work feed40 m/min
Max. positioning speed150 m/min
Max. speeding up15 m/sec2
Positioning accuracy

± 0.005 mm 


± 0.025 mm

Air pressure 6 bar 
Min. Water pressure6 bar
Cooling water usage2 l/min (Optics) and 6 l/min (Linear drives)
Voltage3 x 400 Volt, 3 Phases, 50 Hz (460/3/60)
Fuse/max.amperage80 A/63A

Technical Specifications ROFIN SINAR CO2 Slab Laser

DC010  DC015DC020DC025DC030DC035DC040DC045DC050W
Output1000 W1500 W2000 W2500 W3000 W3500 W4000 W4500 W5000 W
Power range100 - 1000 W150 - 1500 W200 - 2000 W250 - 2500 W300 - 3000 W350 - 3500 W400 - 4000 W450 - 4500 W500 - 5000 W
Beam code
K = 0,95
CW or 2 - 5000 Hz
ROFIN-SINAR Special-Premix 
Gas consumption<0.15 Nl/h<0.2 Nl/h
Voltage3 x 400 V (+/- 10%), 50/60 Hz 
Max. power consumptation
35 A45 A55 A60 A65 A80 A95 A110 A117 A
Power input
20 kVA
29 kVA33 kVA40 kVA46 kVA55 kVA61 kVA68 kVA75 kVA
Effective capacity (nominal)18 kW24 kW28 kW35 kW45 kW54 kW55 kW60 kW68 kW
Effective power (standby)
2.5 kW3.5 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H)

laser head1700 x 800 x 853 mm2100 x 850 x 853 mm
    controller800 x 600 x 1900 mm
Weightlaser head500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg550 kg550 kg600 kg600 kg700 kg
controller570 kg570 kg570 kg570 kg570 kg570 kg630 kg630 kg690 kg

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