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CNC plasma cutting system


Cut, write, mark and perforate - all with one machine

Plasmasonic series meets the highest standards of productivity, reliability and automation.

Through advanced CNC control, with automatic tool addressing the parameter database, various technologies, such as Plasma or flame cutting / gas cutting

  in conjunction with pipe cutting and weld preparation are combined

  • The design of the system ensures its smooth operation, even under tough conditions
  • Magnetic holder of the cutting head allows rapid change and in the case of collision avoids damage to the cutting head.
  • Multiple head-operation of plasma cutting units and oxy-acetylene cutting heads optional. The controller allows the use of up to 4 cutting head-carriers (plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting heads with independent height adjustment), in any combination
  • Dual AC servo motors precisely drive the bridge double-sided, which means no lag error
  • User-friendly control panel allows not only the engine but also its source of power, suction and filtration system to be monitored centrally
  • Plasma cutting machines, which are equipped with our precision fine beam plasma generators are able to combine the highest cutting quality with low wearing partsThe fine-beam generators PP (Precision Plasma) ensure a very fast piercing and high cutting speeds, in an unusually clean and almost rectangular cutting edge
  • Our plasma cutting machines are equipped with an automatic CNC-controlled gas mixing console (PP 130 and PP 260), marking (PP 130 and PP 260), cutting table equipped with sectional suction, suction unit and particulate filter system
  • Furthermore, the flat bed machines are combined with a pipe cutting device
  • Optional bevel cutting unit for 5th axis operation to produce quick and accurate welding grooves 


  • Industrial PC and network card, USB port, CD drive, 80 GB hard drive, TFT Screen
  • Easy integration into existing network through integrated network card
  • CNC files can be imported in the following formats: ISO ESSI, G codes, DXF
  • Extensive cutting parameter library
  • After selecting the material thickness and type of automatic setting of process parameters by the CNC (Included: gas mixture, gas pressure, regulation of cutting current, select the feed rates, indicating the nozzle / cap combination)
  • Fast switching of the cutting process of plasma on oxy-fuel cutting and back
  • An NC program can be stopped at any point and then resumed from that point
  • Override function during processing, in both automatic as well as manual mode
  • Turn of programs to a freely selectable angle 
  • Connection of the NC program at the actual position of the burner by automatic workpiece orientation
  • Automatic adjustment of the cutting gap compensation
  • All relevant machine data and statuses are displayed at one glance
  • Integrated Standard Parts Library
  • Editing and designing parts of the integrated CAD / CAM program
  • Machines operating high-speed machine
  • Automatic look-ahead to the feed regulation at radii machining
  • Autonest program in standard software package for optimal sheet usage
  • Programmable microwebs

Standard configuration:

Solid, welded, high quality steel frame
Automatic gas and air pressure adjustment for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting is done in a control unit (only for PP130 and РР260)
Hand operating unit (allows parameter changes while cutting)
Automatic height control of plasma and oxy
Exhaust and particulate filter unit
Automatic marking for marking of workpieces (PP130 plasma source РР260)
Ergonomic control panel for the central control of all machine components or areas
Robust, stand-alone table with sectional extraction
Import of DIN / ISO G, DXF, ESSI files possible
Intergrated CAD program to create geometric contours parts directly to the system
Integrated fully automatic nesting software
Recovery function to a cutting operation from the point of interruption after a power failure or deliberate shutdown of the system
Function for automatic process shutdown in case of electrode and nozzle break
Look-ahead function to control the dynamics in cutting tight radii and corners

Optional configuration:

Automatic pipe / profile cutter
Automatic bevel cutting (Bevel Cut)
Additional plasma cutting heads
Additional oxy-fuel cutting heads
Additional bridge unit

Technical Specifications

Table length3000 mm 4000 mm 6000 mm 12000 mm
Table width2000 mm2000 mm2000 mm3000 mm 
Cutting speed7500 mm/min 9800 mm/min
Positioning speed15000 mm/min 
Repeatability± 0.05 mm
Positioning accuracy± 0.1 mm
Technical Specification of the Plasma generatorsKPP130KPP260
            Low-carbon steels

Cutting thickness16 mm 30 mm
Max. piering25 mm36 mm 
Max. thickness at edges start35 mm 65 mm 
                  Stainless steels  
Cutting thickness12 mm 20 mm
Max. piercing
20 mm 36 mm 
Max. thickness at edges start
25 mm 65 mm
Gas pressure control during the cutting
Gases used (plasma cutting)Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, F5, H35Oxygen, Air, Nitrogen, F5, H35
Gases used (oxy-fuel)Oxygen, PropaneOxygen, Propane
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