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CatalogLathesCNC slant bed lathesF-Turn 330 • 485 CNC
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CNC lathe

F-Turn 330 • 485 CNC

  • F-turn 330 CNC machines are equipped with heavy-dutyspindle and 2‑step ZF-gearbox
  • F-turn 485 CNC machines are equipped with 3‑stepgearbox
  • F-turn 485 CNC machines are fitted with heavy-dutyhydraulic-driven 12‑pos. tool turret ensuringhigh positioning accuracy
  • F-turn 330 CNC machines are fitted with heavy-dutyhydraulic-driven 10‑pos. tool turret ensuring highpositioning accuracy
  • 12‑pos. hydraulic tool turret with live tools available onF-turn 330 CNC
  • Hydraulic pump to control 3-jaw chuck and tool turretoperation
  • F-turn 330 CNC machines can be equipped with steadyrest for machining of long parts
  • Spindle oil cooling - for efficient heat removal and spindleand gearbox temperature control (F-turn 485 CNC)
  • Programmable hydraulic tailstock motion driven byservodrive. The system is controlled by CNC М-codes(F-turn 485 CNC)

Standard configuration:

Fanuc CNC
ZF-gear box (F-Turn 330 CNC)
Manually operated tailstock (FTurn 330 CNC)
Tailstock with programmable motion (F-Turn 485 CNC)
Working area illumination
Electric cabinet cooling
10-pos. hydraulic tool turret (FTurn 330 CNC)
12-pos. hydraulic tool turret (FTurn 485 CNC)
Spindle oil cooling system (FTurn 485 CNC)
Coolant pump – 3 bar (44 psi)
Chip removal conveyor with collecting box
3-color signal light
Lubrication system
Auxiliary service tools
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Tailstock with programmable motion (F-Turn 330 CNC)
Automatic tool setting device
C-axis with live tools
Hydraulic chuck
Mechanical chuck (F-Turn 485 CNC)
12-pos. hydraulic tool turret (F-Turn 330 CNC)
Technical specificationsF-Turn CNC
Swing over bedmmØ660Ø970
Swing over carriagemmØ480Ø720
Max. workpiece diametermmØ500Ø850
Center-to-center distancemm 8201580231531001200170022003200
Spindle nose А 2-8 (Option: A 2-11)
A2-11 (Option: A2-15)
Spindle bore diametermm Ø102 (Option: Ø165)Ø 155 ( Option: Ø 228, Ø 305, Ø 355)
Max. bar diametermmØ89 (Option: Ø116)
Ø 115 (Option: Ø 135 Ø 205)
Spindle speed

L: 625

H: 2500

L: 2-300

M: 3-640

H: 4-1500

Number of speed steps 2 steps (ZF-gears)
3 steps
Max. speed of live tool (option)rpm0–2000
Chuck diametermmØ300 (Option: Ø380)
Ø 380 (Option: Ø 450 Ø 610 Ø 810)
                  Tool turret 
Number of positionspc.10 (Option: 12)
Toolholder dimensionsmm32х32 (Option: 25х25)
Axial tool post dimensions mmØ50
X-axis travelmm275 (250+25)
450 (425+25)
Z-axis travelmm8851645225031651200175022503250
X-axis rapid traversemm/min 12 
Z-axis rapid traversemm/min15
Work feedsmm/min
Motor-spindle powerkW22/2630/37
Servo X-axis drivekW4
Servo Z-axis drivekW44
Hydraulic system motorkW2.23,75
Tailstock (Type)
manual (Option: programmable)programmable
Tailstock travelmm780154023003060850145019502950
Tailstock quill travelmm100200
Quill diametermm Ø110
Ø 200
Tailstock quill taper
MT 5MT 6
Hydraulic system capacityl80
Coolant tank capacityl140 200260320230265295360
Overall dimensions   
Width x heightmm2130x22352230x2445
Weightkg10030 11300137001600014200149501570017200

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