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CatalogF-Turn 300/260 T CNC
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CNC lathe

F-Turn 300/260 T CNC

CNC-controlled multi-spindle lathes.

High-performance double-sided machining by two spindles and one turret head.

Standard configuration:

Fanuc CNC Oi-TD.
Hydraulic station.
12-pos. hydraulic tool turret.
Automatic lubrication system.
Protective machine enclosure.
Electric cabinet cooling.
Signal light.
Coolant tank 100 l.
Coolant supply through tooling turret.
Chip removal conveyor.
Central lubrication.
Working area illumination.
Auxiliary service tools.
Operation and programming manual.

Optional configuration:

Manual Guide i for Fanuc Oi-TD.
FANUC 18i-TB (compulsory for machine with C-axis «С» – spindle).
Additional option pack 1 (for Fanuc 18i-TB): programmed «C»-axis spindle orientation, 12-pos. tooling turret Duplomatic SMBR-16–270 with live tools and tool shank retention acc. to DIN 5480 DIN 5480,
Live tool servodrive motor Fanuc a12i.
Programmed «C»-axis– Counter-spindle orientation (for Fanuc 18i-TB).
Counter-spindle with rechuck function.
Manual tool measurement system (Renishaw).
Automatic tool measurement system (Renishaw).
Automatic barfeeder.
Siemens CNC 840 D with 10” LCD-display.
Technical specifications F-Turn 300/260 T CNC
 CNC  Fanuc Oi-TD
 Swing over bed  Ø600 mm  
 Max. turning diameter  Ø245 mm
 Max. workpiece length 260 mm
  Front  Rear
 Spindle nose ASA A2-5 ASA A2-5
 Spindle bore  Ø56 mm Ø56 mm
 Spindle bore with chuckØ45 mmØ45 mm
 Turning chuck diameter  Ø169 mm  Ø169 mm
Spindle speed10–6000 rpm10–6000 rpm
 Hydraulic tool turret   LS-200–12 T
 Number of turret positions   12 (stationary)
 Tool shank   20х20 mm
 Boring bar Ø   Ø32 mm
   Axis travel: X1 and X2  165 mm
 Z1 and Z2  310 mm
 B  265 mm
   Rapid axis travel: X1 and X2  30 m/min
 Z1 and Z2  30 m/min
 B  20 m/min
  Cutting feed: X & Z  0.001–500 mm/R
  Oil tank capacity   60 l
  Coolant tank capacity   100 l
  Front spindle motor 

   5.5/7.5 kW

   (1500 / 6000 rpm)

  Rear spindle motor  5.5/7.5 kW (1500 / 6000 rpm)
  Axis drive motors: X1,X2,Z1,Z2    1.6 kW (3000 rpm)
  B-axis motor   1.6 kW (3000 rpm)
  Hydraulic pump    1.5 kW
  Coolant pump    0.75 kW
  Weight net    4550 kg
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