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CatalogR-Turn 300/535 MCY • R-Turn 300/535 CNC
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CNC lathe

R-Turn 300/535 MCY • R-Turn 300/535 CNC

CNC lathe with slant bed made of Meehanite cast iron

– Hydraulic-driven tailstock.

– 10-position turret (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).

– For the purpose of bar-stock machining, bar-feeder system and workpiece catcher are available as an option.

–Chip collecting box and coolant tank are located beneath the working area, thus ensuring optimal chip and coolant removal.

– Hermetically sealed working area.

CNC FАNUС Oi-TD features:

– 3-axis interpolation.

– RS 232-interface.

– workpiece counter.

– simultaneous programming

– min. input increment 0.001 mm.

– synchronous threading.

– linear interpolation.

– circular interpolation.

– workpiece coordinate system G52–G59.

– cutting cycle.

– routine cycles.

– constant cutting speed.

– spindle orientation.

– tool length and radius offsets correction.

– МDI mode.

– zero-return.

– radius/diameter programming.

Standard configuration:

CNC-controller FАNUС Oi-TD.
Main motor: 11/15 kW (max. power output 30 min after start).
3-jaw hydraulic turning chuck Ø250 mm.
12-pos. tool turret with live tools (R-Turn 300/535 MCY CNC).
CNC-controlled hydraulic-driven tailstock MT 4 (R-Turn 300/535 MCY CNC).
10-pos. tool turret (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).
Automatic central lubrication system.
Hydraulic tailstock MT4 with manual control system (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).
Coolant supply system.
Voltage transformer.
Soft and hard jaw set.
Working area illumination.
Machine feet including screws.
Auxiliary service tools.
Programming manual.
Foot-pedal for hydraulic chuck operation.
Taper sleeves.
Chip removal conveyor.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Fanuc CNC 18i.
Siemens CNC.
Mitsubishi CNC.
Collet chuck with hydraulic cylinder (R-Turn 300/535 MCY CNC).
8-pos. hydraulic tool turret with live tools (R-Turn 300/535 MCY CNC).
12, 10-pos. VDI turret (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).
Programmable control system for tailstock (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).
12-pos. hydraulic tool turret (R-Turn 300/535 CNC).
Oil separator.
Workpiece catcher.
Automatic door.
Automatic tool measurement system.
Voltage stabilizer.
ZF – gear box.
CNC-controlled automatic bar feeder.
Technical specifications R-Turn 300/535 MCY CNC R-Turn 300/535 CNC
Capacity   Turning capacity                                        Ø600 mm Ø600 mm
Swing over carriage Ø450 mm Ø450 mm
Turning capacity/ Workpiece length Ø240/535 mm Ø420/535 mm
Machine basic dataCenter-to-center distance                             567 mm 567 mm
Slant bed angle 60° 30°
X-axis travel 168 mm 230 mm
Y-axis travel 60 (±30) mm -
Z-axis travel 570 mm 600 mm
C-axis resolution 360° (0.001°) 360° (0.001°)
X/Y/Z-axis feed motors 3/3/3 kW 3/3 kW
X/Y/Z-axis rapid traverse 16/8/20 m/min 16/20 m/min
C-axis rapid traverse 200 rpm -
SpindleSpindle bore with chuck Ø75 mm Ø75 mm
Spindle bore Ø86 mm Ø86 mm
Spindle nose ASA A2-8 ASA A2-8
Spindle taper - 1 / 20
Main drive motor 11/15 kW 11/15 kW
Spindle speed 50–3500 rpm 50–4500 rpm
Hydraulic chuck diameter Ø250 mm Ø250 mm
Tool magazine Tooling turret TBMR 200/12DX
Number of tool positions 12 pcs. 10 pcs.
Toolholder 25x25 mm 25x25 mm
Rotary tools Ø40 mm Ø40 mm
Max. speed of live tools 50-4000 rpm -
Power of live tools drive motor 3.7/5.5 kW -
Tool change time 0.1 sec. 0.15 sec.
 TailstockQuill taper MT 4 MT 4
Quill travel 367 mm 367 mm
Positioning +0.005 mm +0.005 mm
Repeatability +0.002 mm +0.002 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3000x1956x2241 mm 2870x1953x1844 mm
Weight 6500 kg 5430 kg
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