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CatalogR-Turn 300/390 TMCY • R-Turn 300/390 TMC CNC
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CNC lathe

R-Turn 300/390 TMCY • R-Turn 300/390 TMC CNC

CNC lathe with slant bed made of Mehanite cast iron

 –The machine is equipped with a sub-spindle.

 –The Heidenhain encoder will provide CS-axis high accuracy. 

 – The sub-spindle will take over the machining task on the another end of work piece without manually dismounting and mounting it.

 – Hermetically sealed working area ensuring process safety and protecting entry of dirt and impurities into the working area.

CNC FАNUС Oi-TD features:

 – 3-axis interpolation.

 – RS 232-interface.

 – workpiece counter.

 – simultaneous programming.

 – min. input increment 0.001 mm.

 – synchronous threading.

 – linear interpolation.

 – circular interpolation.

 – workpiece coordinate system G52 – G59.

 – cutting cycle.

 – routine cycles.

 – constant cutting speed.

 – spindle orientation.

 – tool length and radius offsets correction.

 – МDI mode.

 – zero-return.

 – radius/diameter programming.

 – Motors and drives by FАNUС.

Standard configuration:

Main motor: 11/15 kW (Max. power output 30 min. after motor start).
3-jaws hydraulic turning chuck Ø250 mm.
12-pos. tool turret with live tools.
CNC-controlled hydraulic tailstock MT4.
Coolant supply system.
Automatic central lubrication.
Working area illumination.
Soft and hard jaws set.
Machine feet including screws.
Auxiliary service tools.
Operation manual.
Installation manual.
Programming manual.
CNC controller FNU Oi-TD.
Foot-pedal for hydraulic chuck operation.
Taper sleeves.
Chip removal conveyor.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Fanuc CNC 18i.
Siemens CNC.
Mitsubishi CNC.
Collet chuck with hydraulic cylinder.
8-pos. hydraulic tool turret with live tools.
10-pos. VDI turret with live tools.
Oil separator.
Workpiece catcher.
Automatic access door.
Automatic tool measurement system.
Voltage stabilizer.
ZF – gear box.
CNC-controlled automatic bar feeder.
Technical specifications R-Turn 300/390 TMCY CNC R-Turn 300/390 TMC CNC
CapacityTurning capacity/ Workpiece length Ø220/390 mm  Ø160/390 mm
Basic machine data Distance Main spindle nose to Counter
774 mm774 mm
 Slant bed inclination angle60°  30°
 X-axis travel 168 mm 170 mm
 Y-axis travel60 (±30) mm -
 Z-axis travel 500 mm500 mm
 C-axis resolution 360° (0.001°)360° (0.001°) 
 W-axis travel450 mm450 mm
 Axis feed motors: X / Y/ Z / W3/3/4/3 kW 3/3/3 kW
 X / Y/ Z / W- axis rapid traverse16/8/20/16 m/min
16/20/16 m/min
 C-axis rapid traverse 200 rpm200 rpm 
Spindle bore with chuck
Ø35 mm Ø35 mm
Spindle bore
 Ø45 mmØ45 mm
Spindle nose
ASA A2-6 ASA A2-6 
Counter-spindle nose
 ASA A2-5ASA A2-5 
Main drive motor
 11/15 kW11/15 kW
Spindle speed50–4500 rpm50–4500 rpm
Technical specifications R-Turn 300/390 TMCY CNC R-Turn 300/390 TMC CNC
Tool magazine   Power turret TBMR 200/12DX
 Number of tool positions12 pcs. 12 pcs. 
 Toolholder 25 x 25 mm25 x 25 mm
 Rotary tools Ø40 mmØ40 mm
 Max. speed of live tool50-4000 rpm 50-4000 rpm 
Power of live tools
3.7/5.5 kW3.7/5.5 kW
 Tool change time 0.1 sec.0.1 sec. 
Accuracy Positioning +0.005 mm+0.005 mm
 Repeatability +0.002 mm+0.002 mm
Motor Coolant pump motor 0.8 kW 0.8 kW
 Counter-spindle motor 5.5/7.5 kW 5.5/7.5 kW
 Hydraulic system motor 1.5 kW1.5 kW
 Chip removal conveyor 0.2 kW0.2 kW
 Power consumption  34 kW30 kW
3000x1956x2241 mm2870x1956x1844 mm
 Weight  7000 kg6200 kg

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