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CatalogR-Turn 240/520 CNC
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CNC lathe

R-Turn 240/520 CNC

CNC lathe with 45° slant bed made of Meehanite cast iron. Designed for better machining results.

– 10-position power-driven tool turret.
– Hydraulic-driven tailstock.
– For the purpose of bar-stock machining, bar-feeder system and workpiece catcher are available as an option.
– Wide flat driving belt between the main spindle and the motor ensures slip-free transmission.
– Encapsulated heavy-duty bearings of the main spindle.
– Chip collecting container and coolant tank are located beneath the working area, thus ensuring optimal chip and coolant removal.
– Enclosed working area ensuring process safety and protecting from dirt and impurities from entering into the working area.
– Roller-guides in 2 axes minimize friction and wear, thus contributing to long-life performance of the machine.

CNC FАNUС Oi-TD features:
– 3-axis interpolation.
– RS 232-interface.
– workpiece counter.
– simultaneous programming.
– min. input increment 0.001 mm.
– synchronous threading.
– linear interpolation.
– circular interpolation.
– workpiece coordinate system G52–G59.
– cutting cycle.
– routine cycles.
– constant cutting speed.
– spindle orientation.
– tool length and radius off sets correction.
– МDI mode.
– zero-return.
– radius/diameter programming.– constant cutting speed.
– voltage transformer.
– motors and drives made by Fanuc.

Standard configuration:

Main motor: 11/15 kW (Max. power output 30 min. after motor start).
3-jaw chuck Ø200 mm.
10-pos. hydraulic vertical-type turret.
Hydraulic-driven tailstock MT 4.
Coolant supply system.
Central lubrication system.
Working area illumination.
Machine feet including screws.
Axial toolholder – 2 pcs.
Auxiliary service tools.
Operation manual.
Installation manual.
Programming manual.
CNC controller FАNUС Oi-TD.
Set of soft one-piece-jaws.
Operation manual.
Technical specifications R-Turn 240/520 MCCNC
 Capacity Swing over bedØ480 mm
 Swing over carriageØ321 mm
 Turning capacity / Workpiece lengthØ210/508 mm
 Basic machine data     Slant bed inclination angle 45°
 X-axis travel 176 mm
 Z-axis travel 520 mm
 Axis feed motors: X/ Z 1.6/1.6 kW
 Rapid traverse 30 m/min
 Spindle       Spindle bore with hydraulic chuck Ø52 mm
 Spindle bore Ø62 mm
 Spindle nose ASA A2-6
 Spindle taper 1/20
 Main drive motor 11/15 kW
 Max. spindle speed 4500 rpm
 Hydraulic chuck diameter Ø200 mm


 Tail stock



 Number of tool positions 10 pcs
 Toolholder 25x25 mm
 Rotary tools Ø40 mm
 Live tool drive motor (Opt.) 1.8 kW
 Quill diameter Ø65 mm
 Quill taper MT 4
 Quill travel Ø50 mm
 Tailstock travel 425 mm
 Positioning +0.005 mm
 Repeatability +0.002 mm
 Coolant supply motor 0.96 kW
 Hydraulic system motor 0.745 kW
 Chip removal conveyor 0.215 kW
 Power consumption  22 kW
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  2778x2230x1690 mm
 Weight net  2900 kg
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