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CatalogU-Turn 290 • 290 MC CNC
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CNC lathe

U-Turn 290 • 290 MC CNC

High precision square box-ways for rapid traverse speeds up to 30 m/min. They are precisely ground and have TURCITE-B antifriction coating.

Precision ballscrews of C3 accuracy grade.

– Cast iron bed has 30° inclination and recess for installation of chip removal conveyor.

– It ensures minimum vibrations under heavy-cutting conditions.

– High-speed servomotors used for driving live tools of the 12-pos. tooling turret allow for stable machining operations with no vibrations.

– Superior positioning accuracy and repeatability.

Standard configuration:

СNC: Fanuc 0i-М-TD (for U-Turn 290 CNC).
СNC: Fanuc 0i-TD (for U-Turn 290 MC CNC).
Programmable C-axis (for U-Turn 290 MC CNC).
12-pos. tooling turret Baruffaldi TBMA VDI 40 (U-Turn 290 MC CNC).
Automatic lubrication system.
Cooling system.
Tool box.
Mounting bolts and machine feet.
Hydraulic chuck Ø200 mm.
Hermetically enclosed working area.
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet.
Working area illumination.
Chip removal conveyor.
Chip collecting box.
Portable handwheel for manual operation.
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Electric cabinet air-conditioner.
Spindle oil cooling.
Automatic tool measurement system (Renishaw).
Workpiece catcher.
Automatic, pneumatic-driven access door.
Programmable tailstock motion.
Programmable servomotor-driven tailstock motion.
Additional protection.
Hydraulic chuck with hollow cylinder Ø250 mm (U-Turn 290 CNC).
Voltage transformer.
Several toolholders for tooling turret.
Siemens Controller.
Technical specifications U-Turn CNC
290/650 290/1000 290/650 MC 290/1000 MC
 Control system Fanuc 0i-M-TDFanuc 0i-TD
 Swing over bedmmØ580Ø580
 Swing over carriagemmØ360Ø360
 Max. workpiece ØmmØ300Ø360
 Spindle through-bore Ø for bar insertionmmØ52Ø52
 Max. workpiece lengthmm65010006501000
                                     Axis travel     
 X-axis travel mm  202.5  202.5
 Z-axis travel mm 650 650
 Spindle nose mm  A2-6  A2-6
 Spindle speed rpm  4200  4200
 Chuck diameter mm  Ø200  Ø200
 Spindle bore diameter mm  Ø61  Ø61
 Inside Ø of spindle bearings mm  Ø100  Ø100
 Power of spindle motor kW  15  15
                                    Tooling turret     
 Number of tool positions   12  12
 Toolholder dimensions mm  25х25  25х25
 Toolholder dimensions mm  Ø40  Ø40
 Live toolsBaruffaldi-ТВМА-200
Technical specifications U-Turn CNC
290/650 290/1000 290/650 MC 290/1000 MC
 Live tool drive motorFanuc-Ø3/10000
 Max. speed of live toolrpm-5000
 Tailstock travel mm  580  580
 Diameter of tailstock quill mm  Ø80  Ø80
 Quill travel mm  100  100
 Tailstock quill taper   MT 4  MT 4
                           Axis rapid traverse     
 X-axis m/min  24  24
 Z-axis m/min  24  24
 X-axis mm  0–10000  0–10000
 Z-axis mm  0–10000  0–10000
 Power consumption kW  20  20
 Hydraulic fluid tank capacity |  70  70
 Lubricant tank capacity |  2  2
 Weight kg 4200 4200
 Overall dimensions mm



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