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CNC Lathe

E-Turn G 265 CNC

Automation through the use of electrically-driven 4-position toolpost or automatic 8-position turret.

CNC system Fanuc 0i-M-TC:

– 7.2” monochrome display.

– Alphanumeric keyboard for program editing.

– RS-232 for program input/output.

– Теасh-in mode.

– Integrated SPS.

– User definable cycles.

– ISO or conversational programming.

Standard configuration:

Fanuc CNC 0i-M-TC (7.2” monochrome display).
3-jaw chuck Ø305 mm for clamping (D1-8).
Automatic central lubrication system.
Live center MT 5.
Working area illumination.
Coolant supply system.
Sliding safety doors with viewing window.
Machine installation feet – 8 pcs.
Auxiliary service tools.
Programming manual.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Fanuc CNC 0i-M-TD (8.4” color display).
Fagor CNC 8055 i/A-TC.
Independent 4-jaw chuck Ø350 mm.
Hydraulic chuck Ø250 mm.
8-position hydraulic tool turret.
Hydraulically-driven tailstock quill.
Coolant pump.
Chip removal conveyor with chip box (M-Turn G 265/845 CNC, M-Turn G 265/1345 CNC).
Chip removal conveyor with chip box (M-Turn G 265/1845 CNC).
Bar feeder 1200 mm.
Voltage transformer.
Technical specifications                                                               E-Turn G CNC    
  265/845 265/1345 265/1845 265/2845
 Turning capacitymmØ533Ø533Ø533Ø533
 Center-to-center distancemm845134518452845
 Max.workpiece length

 Turning capacity

 with 4-pos. toolpostmm620112016202620
 with 8-pos. tool turret  mm530103015302530
 Bed width   mm345
 Spindle nose  D1–8 (option A2-8)
 Spindle boremm Ø80
 Spindle speed range (4 steps)rpm 20 - 60
61 - 200
201 - 670
671 - 2000
 X-travel axis  mm 300
 Z-travel axismm720 1220 1720 2720 
 Diameter of X-axis ballscrewmmØ25
 Diameter of Z-axis ballscrewmmØ50Ø63
 X-axis rapid traversem/min
 Z-axis rapid traversem/min7.
 Toolpost electrically-driven 4-pos toolholder (hydraulic 8-pos. tool turret option.)
 Tool shank dimensions mm25х25 
 Tailstock quill travel mm178
 Diameter of tailstock quill mmØ85
 Quill taper МT 5
 Coolant tank|60120180240
 Main drive motorkW7.5
 X-axis drivekW1.3
 Z-axis drivekW1.8
 Coolant supply pumpkW0.125
 Hydraulic pump( option)kW0.75
 Hydraulic fluid tank (option)|25/40
 Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm2950х2200х2240
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