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CNC Lathe

E-Turn 205 CNC

Machine with teach-in/cycle CNC programming

Additionally, user may define degree of automation of the machine by choosing either electrically-driven 4-pos. toolholder or automatic 8-pos. turret head.

– Frequency-converter based infinitely variable adjustment of spindle speed.

– Manual handwheel-controlled operation.

CNC system Fanuc 0i-M-TC:

– 7.2” monochrome display.

– Alphanumeric keyboard for program editing.

– RS-232 for program input/output.

– Теасh-in mode.

– Integrated SPS.

– User definable cycles.

– ISO or conversational programming.

Standard configuration:

Fanuc CNC 0i-M-TC (7.2” mono display).
3-jaw hydraulic chuck Ø150 mm.
Direct-drive main spindle motor.
Spindle with angular contact ball bearings.
Casting base with front chip removal tray.
Automatic central lubrication system.
Live center MT 4.
Working area illumination.
Coolant system.
Sliding safety doors with viewing window.
Machine feet – 8 pcs.
Auxiliary service tools.
Programming manual.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Fanuc CNC 0i-M-TC (8.4” color display).
Fagor CNC 8055 i/A-TC.
Siemens CNC 802 D S-PRO.
Hydraulic 8-pos. tool turret with hydraulic pump and tooling: axial tool holder Ø20 mm – 2 pcs, axial tool holder Ø25 mm – 1 pcs., radial toolpost – 4 pcs., axial toolpost – 1 pcs.
Hydraulic-driven tailstock quill.
Coolant supply pump (3 bar, 0.75 kW).
Electrically-driven 4-post toolholder.
Chip removal conveyor with chip collecting box.
Bar feeder 1200 mm.
Voltage transformer.
Technical specifications E-Turn CNC
205/910 205/1420
Turning capacitymmØ410Ø410
Center-to-center distancemm9101420
Max.workpiecelengthWith 4 -post toolholdermm7001210
With 8-pos. tool turretmm6801190
Turning capacityWith 4 -post toolholdermmØ220
With 8-pos. tool turretmmØ210
Bed width mm260
Spindle nose ASA A2-5
Spindle boremmØ46 (option Ø36)
Spindle speedrpm40–5000 (infinitely variable)
X-travel axis with 4 -post toolholdermm205
X-travel axis with 8-pos. tool turretmm178
Z-travel axis with 4 -post toolholdermm8651375
Z-travel axis with 8-pos. tool turretmm7101220
Diameter of X-axis ballscrewmmØ20
Diameter of Z-axis ballscrewmmØ32
X-axis rapid traversem/min7.5
Z-axis rapid traversem/min10
Technical specifications E-Turn CNC
205/910 205/1420
Toolpost (option: 4-pos. electrically-driven toolpost
8-pos. hydraulic tool turret)
Tool shank dimensionsmm20х20
Tailstock quill travelmm140
Diameter of tailstock quillmmØ58
Quill taper МT 4
Coolant tankl50
Main drive motorkW5.5/7.5
X-axis drivekW0.75
Z-axis drivekW1.20
Coolant supply pumpkW0.125
Hydraulic pump(option)kW0.75
Hydraulic fl uid tank (option)l40
Coolant tank (option)l50/70
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm2680х2030х22002190х2030х2200
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