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CatalogLathesheavy duty lathesD-Turn Tube 480
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Heavy duty lathe

D-Turn Tube 480

Suitable for use in oil, gas and heavy-duty industries

  • Very large spindle bore
  • Main spindle bearings ensure high machining accuracy, even when machining long work pieces
  • Two turning chucks for safe and reliable clamping of pipes (option)

Standard configuration:

3-axis digital readout
Automatic central lubrication
4-post toolholder
Electromagnetic spindle brake
Tailstock with 2 spindle sleeve feed
Rapid traverse switchable in X and Z-axis
Coolant supply system
Foundation screws and machine feet
Auxiliary service tools
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Double chuck system
Spindle motor with additional power
3-jaw chuck (various sizes)
4-jaw chuck (Various sizes)
Follow or steady rest (various sizes)
Taper attachment
Quick-change toolholder
Hydr. copying attachment
Guideways guard
Drilling and milling attachment
Support grinding attachment
Technical specifications D-Turn Tube 480
   1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000
Center height480 mm
Swing over bedØ960 mm
Swing over carriageØ650 mm
Swing over gapØ1510 mm
Gap width570 mm
Machine bed width560 mm
Center-to-center distance1500 mm
2000 mm
3000 mm
4000 mm
5000 mm
6000 mm
7000 mm
8000 mm
9000 mm
Spindle boreØ156 mm (Option: Ø230; Ø310; Ø360 mm)
Chuck mountA2–11 or A2-15 or A2-20 or A2-28
Spindle speed range9–600 rpm  (Option: 6–400; 4–300; 3–250 rpm)
Diameter of tailstock quillØ125 mm
Tailstock taperMT 6
Quill travel300 mm

Axis feeds:

Axis travel:

X(48) 0.065–0.96 mm/rev
Z(48) 0.13–1.92 mm/rev
X540 mm

Z1– overslide

300 mm
Tool shank dimensions40х40 mm
Thread-cuttingmetric(48) 2–30 mm
inches(48) 1–15 TPI
Modul(32) 1–15 М.P.
Diametral(48) 2–30 D.P.
Main spindle motor15 kW (Option: 18 kW or 22 kW)
Rapid traverse motor0.375 kW
Coolant supply motor0.187 kW
Central lubrication motor0.012 kW
Total power24 kW
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