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CatalogLathesturret lathesHRL 42 • 60
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Turret lathe

HRL 42 • 60

  • All feeds and travels are manually-driven by handwheels
  • Feed length is adjusted by means of exchangeable micrometer stops
  • Infinitely variable adjustment and electronic control of spindle speed
  • 2 speeds (L/H) of main spindle can quickly changed by moving drive belt
  • Spindle speed is shown by digital display with two speed ranges
  • Semi-automatic turret switching and handwheel-based control system
  • Pneumatic-driven clamping/release of work piece in the collet chuck
  • Mechanical bar-stock feeder (feeding by counterweight)

    Standard configuration:

    Cutoff carriage
    4-pos toolpost
    1-pos back toolpost
    6-pos tailstock turret
    Coolant system
    Bar feeder
    Collet chuck
    Operation manual
    Technical specifications НRL 42 НRL 60
    Max. workpiece cross-section:  
    – roundØ42 mmØ60 mm
    – hexagonal36 mm52 mm
    – rectangular29 mm42 mm
    Collet chuckØ30/Ø42 mmØ60 mm
    Turret tool slot-ØØ25 mm
    Feed travels:  
    – longitudinal slide75 mm
    – transverse slide155 mm
    – turret carriage142 mm
    – cutoff carriage

    35 mm

    Main motor4 kW
    Spindle speed (10 steps)150–1800 rpm
    Pneumatic system pressure5-8 bar
    Air flow rate0.15 l per clamping
    Coolant supply pump0.1 kW
    Lubrication motor0.1 kW
    Weight (incl. feeding system)900 kg
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)1600x800x1600 mm


    Optional configuration:

    Collet chuck Ø30 mm Ø42 mm Ø60 mm
    DIN 6343Type 163 EType 173 EType 185 E
    Collet (Ø with 1 mm increment)Ø3–30 mm
    Ø3–42 mm
    Ø4–60 mm
    Collet (hex with 1 mm increment)on request6–36 mm8–50 mm
    Collet (rectangular 1 mm)on request

    6x6 -

    28x28 mm


    40x40 mm

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