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CatalogMillingCNC vertical machining centerPVT-Mill 2500 • 3500 CNC
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CNC bed-type vertical milling machine

PVT-Mill 2500 • 3500 CNC

  • Machine with highly rigid bed made of Meehanite GA 350 cast iron and bed-type fixed-position table. Heat-treated and stabilized crystal structure of the castiron.
  • Fixed-position table length of 2500 mm and heavy-duty supporting structure. The max. load capacity of the table is1800 kg. Machine's working envelope length is 2200 mm.
  • Movable column with high-precision linear guideways in 3 axes ensuring rapid traverse speeds up to 32 m/min.
  • It can also be equipped with optical linear scales for better positioning accuracy and contouring, up to  0.005 mm.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer installed on the column side. The tool magazine is located in the X-axis, thus lying outside of the table working envelope. Such an arrangement prevents the tool system from colliding with large-workpieces.  
  • The machine can be fitted with through-spindle coolant (20 bar) for machining deep holes, improved surface machining and better accuracy.  
  • The standard machine configuration includes a 32-pos. tool magazine. Additionally, it can be equipped with a 40-pos. tool magazine (optional).  
  • High-precision spindle with 8000 rpm. 
  • It is also possible to equip the machine with a spindle running on P4 Class high-precision ceramic bearings with 10.000 or 12.000 rpm. This makes the machine ideally suited for 3D machining of molding and press tools.  
  • The coolant filtration system with filter mesh size of 0.02 mm. It serves to prevent the high-pressure pump from dirt ingress and clogging.
  • Around-spindle coolant supply system: 6 adjustable supply nozzles around the main spindle.    
  • The machine is equipped with a coolant gun and an air pistol for rinsing and air-purging of the working area.  
  • Automatic lubrication system with level warning and failure alarm.

Standard configuration:

FANUC CNC Oi MD + operating instructions
32-pos. tool magazine
Signaling light
Thread-cutting function
Working area halogen illumination
Spindle cooling
Portable handwheel for manual control
Cabinet-type working area safety enclosure
Coolant supply system
Auxiliary service tools
Air gun
Automatic power supply control
Coolant gun
Chip removal conveyor
Mounting bolts and machine feet
Spindle air blast
Electric cabinet air cooling
Automatic lubrication system
Oil separator
Programming manual
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

CNC HEIDENHAIN, Siemens, Mitsubishi
40-pos. tool magazine
X,Y,Z-axis optical linear scales from HEIDENHAIN
X,Y,Z-axis optical linear scales from Fagor
High-speed spindle 10.000 rpm
High-speed spindle 12.000 rpm
Through-spindle coolant supply

Technical specifications

PVT-Mill 2500 CNCPVT-Mill 3500 CNC

Technical specifications

PVT-Mill 2500 CNCPVT-Mill 3500 CNC

Motor-spindle power

BT 40: 11 / 15 kW
(optional: BT 50: 15 / 18.5 kW 

X-axis travel

 2200 mm3200 mm

Y-axis travel

 620 mm 720 mm

Tool magazine


Z-axis travel

 620 mm 620 mm

Number of tool pockets

 32 (optional 40)

Spindle center-to-column distance

 690 mm 790 mm

Tool diameter

 BT 40: Ø76 mm
(optional: BT 50: Ø125 mm)

Spindle nose-to-table distance

  120–740 mm

Tool length

 BT 40: 300 mm
(optional: BT 50: 350 mm)

Table dimensions

 2500х600 mm3500х600 mm

Tool weight

 BT 40: 7 kg 
(optional: BT 50: 15 kg)


  18х5х125 mm

Rapid traverse

 36 m/min

Table-to-floor distance

 830 mm

Cutting feeds

 1–15 m/min

Table load capacity

 1800 kg2500 kg

Positioning accuracy

 ±0.005 mm

Spindle taper

  BT/ CAT/ DIN 40 (optional BT/ CAT/ DIN 50)

Positioning repeatability

 ±0.002 mm

Spindle speed

 BT40: 75–10000 rpm

(optional: BT 50: 75–6000 rpm) 


 14200 kg 
 17500 kg 


4068x5810x3000 mm 

4168x6810x3000 mm


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