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CatalogTCR 400 P2 CNC
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Vertical drill/tap center

TCR 400 P2 CNC

Complete with pallet changer

While one job is machined on the table 1, pallet 2 is used for setup and fixturing of the other workpiece. This allows you to increase productivity by minimizing down-time.

– Fanuc Oi-MD control system.

– For drilling, tapping and light milling operations.

– Spindle speed (standard configuration) 10,000 rpm.

– Tool change time (tool-to-tool) only 1.6 sec.

– Servodrives and high-quality linear guideways ensure high travel speeds and superior machining accuracy.

– Roller linear guideways.

– Efficient cooling system for better cutting performance.

– Spindle air or coolant blast.

– Automatic central lubrication.

– Cabinet-type working area enclosure.

Standard configuration:

CNC Fanuc Oi-MD (8.4 TFT LCD monitor).
Voltage transformer.
Spindle air-blast.
Roller linear guideways.
12-pos. tool magazine.
Coolant supply system.
Automatic pallet changer.
Cabinet-type enclosure.
Protective guideway guards.
Automatic central lubrication.
Working area illumination.
3-color signaling light.
Automatic doors.
Electric cabinet cooling.
Machine feet and mounting screws.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Spindle 3.7 kW, 15000 rpm.
Spindle 5.5 kW, 12000 rpm.
Mitsubishi or Siemens CNC.
CTS coolant through spindle.
4th and 5th axis swivel system.
Automatic door & robot system.
Renishaw tool & workpiece measurement.
Fanuc data server option.
Technical specifications TCR 400 P2 CNC
CNC systemFanuc Oi-MD
Pallet dimensions
400x250 mm
Max. pallet load
100 kg
Number of pallets
Pallet change time
3 sec./180°
T-slots/ 1 pallet3/14/80 mm
Axis travel:X300 mm
Y250 mm
Z250 mm
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z:48/48/48 m/min
Spindle speed60–10,000 rpm
Distance spindle - table180–430 mm
Tool mount MAS BT 30
Pull stud MAS403 P30T-1 (45°)
Tool magazine 12
Max. tool length 200 mm (7.8”)
Max. tool weight 3.0 kg (6.6lbs)
Tool change time (tool-to-tool) 1.6 sec.
Tool change time (chip-to-chip) 2.5 sec.
Main spindle 3.7 kW
Drive X-axis 1.6 kW
Drive Y-axis 1.6 kW
Drive Z-axis1.6 kW
Dimensions2690x1570x2420 mm
Weight3300 kg
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