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CatalogMillinggantry-type milling machineP-Mill 18.7 • 23.10 S • 33.10 S
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Gantry-type milling machine

P-Mill 18.7 • 23.10 S • 33.10 S

These machines can be used for machining large and heavy parts. Two milling heads travel in Y and Z axes, while the part travels in the X axis. As a result, these machines possess better rigidity and accuracy vs. machines with C-shaped column.

– Compact design of the machine provides good access to the machine's controls and the workpiece to be machined.

– Linear guideways guarantee high durability of the machine.

– Straight roller and special thrust bearings allow for high cutting loads and performance.

– High speed of rapid traverse.

Standard configuration:

Vertical milling head.
Horizontal milling head.
Telescoping way covers.
Central lubrication.
Auxiliary service tools.
Leveling pads.
Operation manual.

Optional configuration:

Pneumatic tool clamping system NT 50.
Digital readout for 3 axes.
Additional horizontal spindle (V-axis).
Technical specificationsР-Mill 18.7P-Mill 23.10 SP-Mill 33.10 S

X-axis travel

1500 mm

2000 mm3000 mm

Y-axis travel

1000 mm

1390 mm1600 mm

W-axis travel

700 mm

900 mm900 mm

Quill travel in Z-axis

300 mm 

Table dimensions




(6) 22 mm

Max. table load capacity

5000 kg

               Horizontal spindle

Horizontal spindle taper

NT 50

Horizontal spindle speed

(6 steps) 90-612 rpm

Horizontal spindle motor

9.375 kW

Travel of horizontal spindle quill

300 mm

Horizontal spindle diameter

128 mm

                Vertical spindle

Vertical spindle taper

NT 50

Vertical spindle speed

(6 steps) 90-612 rpm

(8 steps) 68-656 rpm(8 steps) 68-656 rpm

Vertical spindle motor

9.375 kW

15 kW15 kW

Travel of vertical spindle quill

300 mm

350 mm350 mm

Vertical spindle diameter

128 mm

                                                                     Additional horizontal spindle (V-axis) - option

Spindle taper

NT 50

Spindle speed

(6 steps) 90-612 rpm

Spindle motor

9.375 kW

Travel of spindle quill

300 mm

Spindle diameter

128 mm


Ballscrew 5010


Ballscrew 4010


Worm shaft


 Worm shaft

Axis control

Frequency converter

X-axis motor

2.25 kW

Y-axis motor

1.5 kW

Z-axis motor

1.5 kW

W-axis motor

1.5 kW

Hydraulic system motor

0.18 kW

Table hydraulics motor

0.18 kW

Central lubrication motor

0.09 kW

Weight (net/gross)

7800 kg

14000 kg18300 kg
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