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CatalogMillingTool- & universal milling machineUW-Mill
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Universal milling machine


UW-milling machines with cycle control and vertical milling head

The machine includes a 3-axis digital readout

  • Automatic feeds and rapid traverse in all axes
  • For horizontal milling the cutter head should be taken down, and the upper arm can be pushed to the front
  • The machine can be used with adjustable switches in semi-automatic, as well as fully automatic mode
  • Synchronous milling / conventional milling
  • Table swivels ± 45°
  • Heavy box ways on the Z- and Y-axes
  • Dove tail guides in the X-axis
  • Feed rate circuit via electromagnetic coupling
  • All controls located on a central control panel
  • Lateral table cover is removable - allowing a rotary table to be driven by the feed screw 

Vertical milling head:

  • Transmission ratio 1:1
  • Swivel range ± 360°

Standard configuration:

Vertical milling head
Milling arbor for Vertical Milling Ø27 mm
Coolant system
Auxiliary tool
Technical specifications UW-Mill 1 UW-Mill 3 UW-Mill 5
Table dimensions250x1120 mm
320x1350 mm
400x1600 mm
T-slots (number/width/spacing)3/14/50 mm5/18/63 mm5/18/80 mm
Table swiveling angle (right-left)±45°
X-axis travelmanual820 mm1000 mm1250 mm
automatic800 mm980 mm1230 mm
Y-axis travelmanual280 mm360 mm
automatic260 mm340 mm
Z-axis travelmanual410 mm460 mm
automatic390 mm440 mm
Max. spindle-to-table distance440 mm490 mm
Spindle taper7:24 SK 40 (DIN 2080)7:24 SK 50 (DIN 2080)
Speed range(18) 40–2000 rpm(18) 32–1600 rpm
Axis travel:X, Y(18) 12.5–630 mm/min
Z5–262 mm/min
Rapid traverse: X, Y, Z2500/2500/1040 mm/min
Main motor4 kW7.5 kW
Weight1975 kg2850 kg2925 kg
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