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CatalogSawingfull-automatic bandsawHBS A 230 • 280 • 325 С
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Automatic bandsaw

HBS A 230 • 280 • 325 С

Standard configuration:

Automatic bandsaw for sawing solid material, tubes, profiles
Solid cast monoblock saw frame
Automatic lift of the saw heat at the end of the cut by hydraulic cylinder with adjustable lifting height
Material feed and clamping is carried out by driven rollers in the vice (worm gears)
Material length adjustable by manual movable stop with micro-switch
Desired number of parts controlled by electronic part counter
Infinitely variable band speed 20-100 m/min.
Carbide blade guides and rollers
Infinitely variable pressure regulation by hydraulic cylinders
Feed roller conveyor 1200 mm
Automatic blade breakage control
Hydromechanical blade tension
Coolant system
Operation manual
Technical specificationHBS A 230HBS A 280HBS A 325 C
Cutting capacity 90°Ø230 mm
Ø280 mm
Ø325 mm
240x230 mm
280x250 mm
350x325 mm
230 mm
270 mm
325 mm
Blade speed 
35–70 m/min
20–100 m/min
Main drive motor
1.0–1.5 kW1.5 kW2.2 kW
Hydraulic system motor
0.37 kW0.55 kW
Coolant supply motor
0.12 kW
Feed motor
0.25 kW
Saw blade dimensions
2730x27x0.9 mm
3400x27x0.9 mm
4160x34x1.1 mm
Working height
590 mm
640 mm
580 mm
1700x1100x1500 mm
1800x850x1300 mm
2450x900x1500 mm
500 kg
685 kg
880 kg

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