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CatalogSawingfull-automatic bandsawHBS A 325 C • 380 C • 460 С • 560 С
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Automatic bandsaw

HBS A 325 C • 380 C • 460 С • 560 С

  • Rapid down to cut height with automatic transition to the sawing feed rate (light sensor)
  • Powered chip brush, reliably provides clean saw teeth
  • Robust blade guides and wear-resistant carbide guides
  • Desired quantity and length of the workpieces selected by using the control panel in automatic-mode
  • Perfect for processing of profiles, tubes and bar stock
  • Automatic material feed

Standard configuration:

Hydromechanical blade tension
Coolant system
Hydraulic vise
Infinitely variable belt speed 20-100 m/min
Digital display of mitre cutting angle
Adjustable cutting pressure regulation
Movable control panel
Automatic blade breakage control
Mechanical height adjustment of the saw head
Feed roller conveyor 1200 mm
Bimetallic bandsaw blade
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Hydraulic blade tension
Chip removal conveyor
Cut line illumination by laser pointer
Minimal quantity coolant system
Feed roller conveyor 3000 mm
Motor driven feed roller conveyor 3000 mm
Bimetallic bandsaw blade (different tooth pitches)
Digital height adjustment of the saw head
Technical specificationsHBS A 325 CHBS A 380 CHBS A 460 CHBS A 560 C
Cutting capacity 90°Ø325 mmØ380 mm
Ø460 mm
Ø560 mm
350x325 mm430x380 mm
470x460 mm
570x560 mm
325 mm380 mm
460 mm
560 mm
Blade speed
20–100 m/min
Main drive motor
2.2 kW3 kW
4 kW
4 kW
Hydraulic system motor
0.55 kW0.55 kW
0.55 kW
1.1 kW
Coolant supply motor
0.12 kW
Feed motor
0.25 kW
0.55 kW
Saw blade dimensions
4160x34x1.1 mm4800x34x1.1 mm
5200x41x1.3 mm
6000x41x1.3 mm
Working height
580 mm590 mm
590 mm
590 mm
2450x900x1500 mm2900x950x1660 mm
3100x1000x1800 mm
3500x1050x2050 mm
960 kg1290 kg
1630 kg
2115 kg
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