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CatalogSawingfull-automatic bandsawKBS 250 CNC • 300 CNC • 330 CNC
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Fully automatic CNC Bandsaw

KBS 250 CNC • 300 CNC • 330 CNC

Fully automatic CNC miter band saw

  • Steplessly controllable saw band speed for adjustment ofthe optimal cutting speed
  • Solid gray cast iron saw bow in monoblock design
  • Material feed system by quick and highly precise servodrives
  • 500 mm (19.7“) material feed travel in one stroke
  • Clear touchscreen 7.5“
  • The machine can be operated in manual, semi-automaticand fully automatic mode

Standard configuration:

CNC touch control
Hydraulic mechanical blade tension
Coolant system
Hydraulic adjustable vise clamping pressure
Infnitely variable belt speed 15-90 m/min (590-3540“/min)
Digital display of miter angle
Adjustable cutting pressure regulation
Ergonomic moveable control panel
Automatic blade breakage control
Length stop programmable
NC adjustable return plane of the saw frame
Bi-metallic bandsaw blade
Operation manual

Optional configuration:

Hydraulic bundle clamping
Hydraulic blade tension
Chip conveyor
Minimal quantity coolant system
Roller conveyor various lengths
Motor driven roller conveyor various lengths
Bimetallic bandsaw blade (different tooth pitches)
Digital height adjustment of the saw head
Cut line illumination by laser pointer
Blade tension display
Driven chip brush
Technical specificationsKBS 250 CNCKBS 300 CNCKBS 330 CNC
Cutting capacity 90°
250 mm
300 mm
330 mm
 245x250 mm
305x290 mm
360x310 mm
 245 mm
285 mm
310 mm
Cutting capacity +45°180 mm
240 mm
180x120 mm
 235x130 mm
  170 mm220 mm-
Saw blade dimensions2710x27x0.9 mm3110x27x0.9 mm3870x34x1.1 mm
Blade speed15-90 m/min15-90 m/min15-90 m/min
Motor400V / 3 kW400V / 3.7 kW400V / 4.7 kW
Dimensions2100x1500x1450 mm2300x1700x1600 mm2450x1800x1680 mm
Weight740 kg1020 kg1320 kg
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